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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Social value

Greater Manchester’s growth and reform plan sets out the ambition to become a financially self-sustaining city region. The current gap between spending on public services in Greater Manchester and the tax generated in the area is £4.7 billion a year. It is therefore vital that effective commissioning is in place to ensure that all partner agencies play their role in building safer and stronger communities.  We need to understand the totality of public resources within the systems and focus on our shared responsibilities by identifying common issues which require common solutions.

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd will use commissioning to reduce dependency on public services, target resources at early intervention and prevention measures, and decommission those services that provide low value or are unaffordable.

The vision

Our aim is to build resilient communities, reduce demand for public services, lower environmental impacts, and secure improvements in social capital – such as citizenship, neighbourliness, social networks and civic participation.

The policy

Setting out this social value policy is the first part of our journey and the policy aims to demonstrate how Tony will implement the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, how he will deliver social value through his commissioning and procurement activities, and to set out his priorities in relation to social value.

The policy requires Tony’s office, and our suppliers, to take responsibility for what is commissioned and procured, and to ethically and legally support us in delivering our social value priorities.

The policy is based on supporting existing organisational priorities, such as those included in the police and crime plan, and we will invite innovative bids from suppliers old and new which specify how a service may be delivered whilst at the same time supporting delivery of these priorities.

Download the policy:

Social value charter – less than £50k

We know that some of our suppliers are already delivering social value within the Greater Manchester area and know that the money we spend with you in purchasing goods and delivering services supports delivery of what you are doing.

If we spend £50k or less with you, please sign up to our Social Value Charter.

Social value review – more than £50k

If we spend £50k or more with you for your goods and services, please complete this Social Value Review. This will help us measure the social contribution we and our suppliers are making to the Greater Manchester region.