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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Public contract between Tony Lloyd and the Chief Constable

Tony Lloyd and Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy have signed a public contract with each other and the communities of Greater Manchester, which outlines  how they will work independently and together to protect community safety and build public confidence.

The contract:

We will strive to make Greater Manchester Police the best, most trusted police force in the country. We will use our respective positions to enable all our partners to join together to achieve these goals. We will join the people of Greater Manchester in supporting the officers and staff who go to work on their behalf to serve the public and keep our communities safe.

The Police and Crime Commissioner undertakes:

  • To seek and reflect the views of the public and particularly victims of crime in setting policing priorities and holding the Chief Constable to account for the performance of the Force.
  • To coordinate the work of the police and other agencies across Greater Manchester to ensure that there is a comprehensive joint strategy for the reduction of crime and the strengthening of community safety.
  • To ensure that the public are consulted on the budget priorities for the Force and the difficult decisions the force has to make to cope with current and future budget reductions.
  • To advocate to national and local government and other partners within and outwith the criminal justice system for the resources and for the proper framework needed to allow Greater Manchester Police to operate effectively and efficiently.
  • To hold the Chief Constable to account through a transparent system of scrutiny that promotes professional standards of behaviour, communication and service and that responds pro-actively when concerns are raised.

The Chief Constable undertakes:

  • To work with the Commissioner to ensure that the views of local people and particularly victims drive police strategy and practice.
  • Through maintaining and where possible strengthening neighbourhood policing and specialist capability to continue the record of GMP in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and tackling organised criminality.
  • To ensure that the Force displays openness and integrity in all its activities and works to further improve the service to the public and the protection of vulnerable people and to strengthen the confidence local people have in GMP.

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable together undertake:

  • To hold a public meeting in each local authority area of Greater Manchester each year where the performance of the force is scrutinised and the public consulted on priorities.
  • To explore new ways of strengthening accountability and the consultation with different groups in Greater Manchester, to make information on policing more available and to involve more local people in policing.
  • To create more responsive ways for the public to raise concerns about the service they have received and to ensure failings are addressed speedily.
  • To ensure that the dedication of staff is recognised and that staff are consulted and listened to as the force makes changes.