Improving access to GMP and its communications

Improving access to GMP and its information for people affected by sight or hearing loss

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd held two half-day conferences for people with sensory disabilities. The purpose of the conferences was to give people affected by hearing or sight loss, the opportunity to share their good and bad experiences of communicating with Greater Manchester Police and accessing its information.

Online consultation – help us create a more accessible police service

Even if you were unable to make it to the conference, you can still take part online. Share your experiences of communicating with Greater Manchester Police by taking part in our online survey, which runs until 6 June 2014. To get started, choose which statement describes you most:

You can also still send us your comments on Twitter using #gmpccdisability


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William Lambert

Please book 3 places for 3 Deaf people from Trafford Deaf Community Network for your Half day conference for people affected by Hearing Loss.
We three are all totally deaf and Sign Language users so hope you have booked a Sign Language Interpreter for the day.

Web Admin 1

Hi William, thanks for showing an interest in coming along. Please can you email so we can get more information from you and discuss your communication needs.

Web Admin 1

Apologies, William, have just seen that we have your email address, so we can get in touch with you. I will pass it on to my colleague. Thanks again. 🙂 (Kate)

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