Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Cyclists’ GMP satisfaction survey


This survey is now closed.

Thanks to everyone that took part. The information will be used by the Police and Crime Commissioner to work with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to improve how officers respond to cycling collisions.

The results will be discussed at the Greater Manchester Safer Cycling Forum, which includes representatives from Sustrans, Love Your Bike, CTC, Transport for Greater Manchester and several others. We’ll publish any findings and improvements, on this website.

Information will also be shared with Cycle Lab who are doing extensive research into cycling in the area.

Some cycling incidents are going unreported. Please keep on reporting collisions and near misses to the police. This will help them get a more accurate picture of collisions and incidents of dangerous driving in Greater Manchester. 

Image credit: Dave Haygarth. Reproduced under Creative Commons Licence.


Alfred Chow

It isn’t only the survivors of a collision who have something to say about cycling in Greater Manchester. You are not able to get the views of those don’t survive so how about asking the rest of us?

Some of us manage to avoid collision contact by luck or skill and live to be witness to the appalling standard of driving exhibited by some motorists. On top of this we also have a valid opinion on the condition of the roads and cycle routes as well as the general level of abuse and lack of consideration shown by people towards those who cycle.

It isn’t all bad either as we also witness very good driving that should be mentioned as an example of how competent and considerate driving should be.

However, there is far too much ‘acceptance’ by the public and the Police of poor driving that puts other road users at risks. This needs to be recorded and responded to to raise the overall standard of driving by all motor vehicle users.

Web Admin 1

Hi Alfred, this consultation is specifically focused on people’s experiences of reporting collisions to GMP. However, if you or others would like to talk about the broader issues around cycling in Manchester, you could have a look at this consultation from Manchester Cycling Lab.


Thankfully I’ve never been involved in a collision, so I got chucked out of the survey after the first question. However, I have on a number of occasions pointed out flagrant anti-cycling breaches to police officers around Manchester (e.g. bike-lane parking, ASL breach), which they invariably shrug off and refuse to act on. I don’t think it’s enough for the police to merely respond to actual incidents – if they really are serious about road safety, we need a proactive, zero-tolerance approach to any act that puts people on bikes/on foot at risk. So my experience of trying to engage the police in preventative action before a collision occurs is wholly negative. Surely this needs to be taken into consideration as well.


I think this is pretty insulting as it automatically points the blame at the driver, most often I have found the reason for accidents with bikes to be due to the lack of care on the road by the cyclists themselves. More often than not the bike has no mirrors and only a few months back someone pulled right out in front of me without any case or consideration for his own life, I noticed he was distracted with his ipod to notice my car. To point the finger and assume that all accidents are the result of the car owners is just plain wrong and not the way to go about this.


Hi Karl, there’s no suggestion of blame here specifically on any individual road user/s – we just want to hear about collisions from the perspective of cyclists. This forms part of a wider consultation process underway between GMP and a range of road safety organisations of which there will be more surveys and discussions at a later stage. There’s absolutely no assumptions or conclusions being made at this time.


This is ridiculous – I didn’t report it because I was unconscious but there was still a police presence. And another time there was a PCSO passing so I didn’t need to report it. And I have reported a near miss before now but the survey still kicked me out as soon as I said I hadn’t reported it myself to the police. I’ll head over to Manchester cycling lab and see how comprehensive that one is!


@karl. As driver, cyclist and pedestrian, I agree to a degree there are idiots in all 3 modes with little concern for their own or others safety, but putting aside personal anecdotes, the facts speak for themselves, ~80% of Police investigated collisions between motor vehicles and cyclists are attributed by the investigation to the fault of the driver. The Dept for Transport figures perennial overwhelming causes of collisions investigated by the Police are Failure to look, Inapropriate speed & failure to judge distance correctly, these 3 alone account for the vast majority of all investigated collisions nationally and annually. Poor standards of cycling come in a long long way down the list.


I have luckily never been involved in a collision with a cyclist but have close calls almost every day, as they run red lights cut across traffic instead of using cycle lanes, ride at night with no lights, and fail to use the correct lane and signal at roundabouts. Get cyclists off the road the majority are a hazard to themselves and others


A bit disappointed to find that cos I have not had a collision you don’t want opinion . I have had several close calls with cars . one of which was a taxi who pulled out in front of me and then slowed down and braked as I approach from behind . I reported this to the police but was told as I had not reported it within 24hrs I could not take it further, despite having video evidence !


I am a qualified National Standards Cycling Training Instructor and a DVLA Qualified Driving Instructor. I appreciate this survey has a remit to look at how GMP have reacted to reported accidents but that is such a narrow remit that it will add little or nothing to safety on the road. Yet I don’t think we need a survey to get to the nub of the problem, too many people on bikes (I don’t consider a yob on a bike as a cyclist) who have no regard for other road users, too many people driving motorized vehicles who also have no regard for other road users. My solution would be an ongoing awareness campaign backed up by policing and prosecution. We need to remove from the road the uncaring dangerous people who have no regard for others or the law.


The heading at the top of this page says this – “….some cycling incidents are going unreported. Please keep on reporting collisions and near misses to the police. This will help them get a more accurate picture of collisions and incidents of dangerous driving in Greater Manchester.”
Don’t bother. I was knocked off my bike yesterday by the driver of a van. He was using his phone at the time and turned into a side street, presumably to answer it. He hit me as he turned knocking me off. I was not injured other than receiving a sore shoulder and my bike was scratched a little. I had no intention of seeking any compensation. I was though extremely concerned about the standard of the driver’s driving and so contacted the police. I was given a log number and told to contact my insurers. I was also told that GMP would not take the matter further because no injury was caused. When I insisted that I wanted to report the manner of the driving I was contacted today by a police officer who told me that no court would convict the driver as it was my word against his (even thought no one had asked if I had any witnesses, neither did the police know if the driver accepted he had knocked me off my bike) and as there was no cctv (even though the officer accepted he hadn’t made any enquiries into whether there was any). I was told it was GMP policy not to report any collision where no injury occurred.
What is the point of this survey if GMP policy dictates that the police aren’t interested in collisions with cyclist, regardless of how dangerous the driving, if no injury is caused? The invitation to report collisions above is window dressing.

Web Admin 1

“Hi Jonny, sorry to hear about what happened. Hope you are ok. We are encouraging people to report incidents and dangerous driving, even if there has been no injury, in order to help give GMP a better picture of cycling incidents in Greater Manchester. While not all incident reports will lead to convictions, it is still vital that reporting takes place so GMP get an idea as to the extent of the problem, can look at ways to make improvements with partners, and where appropriate prosecute offending drivers. By reporting these incidents, even if no further action can be taken, the information can help push forward change. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from GMP when making your report, you can use the online complaints procedure.

Ray Stretch

I am a motorist/motor cyclist/cyclist of 44 years, with high mileage in all. I think that there is criticism that can be leveled at all three. Instead of engaging in a blame game, the correct approach is to change the culture. I frequently visit the continent and find that in particular in the north and west, cycling infrastructure is good (and a long way in front of the UK), but the thing that is a long way better than the UK is the deference shown to cyclists AND pedestrians by drivers. This is right because it is the pedestrians and cyclists that are most at risk. This deference is most obvious when crossing at junctions. This change of behaviour does not come overnight, but requires legislation, and education in the media.

Michael Felse

After Care? Why is there little advice on how injured cyclists can repair legs or body. I think the Police and Crime Commissioner would do well to produce useful guides, such as Sports Therapy, Rock Tape support and info on how hydration and nutrition can help the growing numbers of cyclists to stay healthy & happy. It will be a great guide to give out at Mcr events such as Manchester Pride and at GMex shows. And let us get Tony onto a bike, much better than keeping bees.

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