Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Visit the policing and crime section of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website.

Continue on to the website by closing this window, which is no longer maintained but will remain online temporarily for reference purposes.

Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Police and public sector spending

Tony has outlined his proposals for the police element of your council tax bill. Tell him what you think by filling in a short questionnaire, which should only take a few minutes to complete.

Use the full screen version of the survey, or the one below. 

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Matt Nevett

Residents of greater Manchester cannot afford to pay more ! You should find this money elsewhere , why should we be responsible for a government that is acting irresponsibly and endangering every member of the public! If you want to find that money you should do it another way!


I disagree with the comment above. I am more than happy to pay an extra fiver if it is going to help maintain the police. Anyone who says they haven’t got a fiver over the course of a year is talking rubbish and I’d rather pay that than have the police cut more

Daniel S

I believe that we should be getting these cuts as bad in the first place as why is down south getting affected less and 2 counties are actually getting and increase which is beggers belief.

I also would like to know why the hell do we have a Police Crime Commissioner aswel as a Cheif Constable as they are both doing more or less the same job but it costs us twice the amount and seen as crime has gone up for the first time (course it has) obviously this is not working and it would be far more better to hire 2 street officers in place of 1 of them.


Thanks Daniel. Police in England and Wales have always been subject to democratic oversight. Previously this was done by the now defunct Greater Manchester Police Authority. Tony replaced that body when he was elected. The costs of his office are significantly less than the former, largely anonymous, police authority. So far, he has saved almost £500k on the running costs of that body. Policing must be democratically accountable, the difference now is that people know who they are accountable to – and that is the people of Greater Manchester who Tony has been directly elected to represent. I hope that’s of help.


I think the possible answers to question 2 are too limited and leading. I disagree with paying an extra fiver a year on my council tax on principle, not because I’m being tight or can’t afford it. The cuts coming from central government are far too harsh and completely counter to what was promised by both the Tories and lib dems before the elections. The money should be coming from the taxes we already pay to Westminster, not out of the pockets of Mancunions. That’s exactly what Cameron wants.


Thanks for the feedback Katy. Tony doesn’t want to raise the police element of your council tax bill at all, but in order to go some way to mitigate the Government’s massive cuts being imposed on policing and community safety in Greater Manchester, he has to do so. The £1.92m which will be raised (the amount he’s asking for has now gone down to a £2.97 for the average Band D bill – see ) is dwarfed by the £103m cuts imposed by central government since 2011, but if he does not ask people to pay this, then there will be no choice but to impose even more cuts. That is the only outcome possible if this modest increase does not happen.

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