Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Police Council Tax Consultation 2015-16

Police officers

This consultation is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey to share your views about the proportion of council tax that goes towards policing.

69% of you agreed with Tony that this year the police precept should be frozen and we should accept the council tax freeze grant.

Policing Council Tax Consultation results

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J D Wright

The ordinary PC has my greatest admiration

Habib Rehman

To be honest I think you should consider reducing the amount of money people in my area pay to police via council tax. I say this because in cheetham hill the crime is increasing and getting violent. The criminals walking around freely to do what they want simply because their no police presence. When people are assaulted or robbed the force hand out a crn and that’s end of the matter.
The policing in cheetham hill is non existence so tell me why people in the area should contribute for a service which is not being given.
I would love the commissioner to come and sit with residence in the area and see for himself the frustration.
So we want a reduction.

John Taylor

There is an international secular trend for crime to fall, but a contra trend in the USA and UK, for example for society to become even more punitive. This leads to a massive waste of resources and human potential.
Policing has come along way from being an essentially reactive service but could get smarter yet. Police are the fall guys of the criminal justice system, there are greater efficiencies to be abstracted from the legal system.

Mrs J Chapman

Appreciate the opportunity of leaving my views on policing.

Mrs J Chapman

I appreciate the opportunity of making my comments in the hope of making a difference to my area.


I have several friend who are serving police officers and they are dead on their feet, worried for the public and themselves about the lack of resources and drastic reductions in policemen/women and the impact it’s having on their ability to do the job they want to do and the assurance they want to provide for the public. They deal with burglary over the phone now, unless someone is still in the house! They’re told, issue a crime number and move on, no wonder crime is increasing. Criminals know the police are not going to look for them. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen and is so so frightening, for them and the general public. I can’t imagine why anyone would quibble over a 10p per month increase if it meant there would be more police presence in communities, acting as a deterrent – and actually dealing with crime when it unfortunately occurs. It is widely and academically accepted that crime and disorder increases in times of recession – and despite what the media and politicians might say – large swathes of the greater manchester region are still in recession. .. and they are stealing from others who are also struggling on the margins, which is compounding the feelings of despair, anxiety and stress. Greater Manchester is a melting pot and it will kick off if it isn’t addressed.

Andrew Whitehead

I think we need to target kids as young as possible to stop them going down the wrong path. Create better role models for them introduce them to more community groups and events. Give them a focus or goal, such as sports…, boxing, mountain biking. Continue to improve links with on foot police and youngsters.

June kushner

I feel with all the negative press comments regarding our police force is demoralising our fantastic police officers and this needs to be addressed by giving the front line officers the support they deserve

john roberts

I think council tax is already a massive burden on people and is not commensurate with value for money. councils have levied huge bills on families and the answer to government cuts is not to just levy more on the son was viciously beaten 800 yds from aul police station it took 40 mins for a response.would more money have got a better response ? cut the obscene top level wages, and pensions and all the malingerers at top level.
Here is the solution, a criminals assets should be seized to fund the investigation into them, including paying for prison time. It would be a result for decent people not to just be hammered with yet another bill.
It would also be good to not see the funds going to pension pots but to actually putting police officers on the streets not pcso,s proper police.
Another way of finding money would be to phase out the overweight and pcso,s the public would willingly swop them for real police.
I do not understand how how the huge obese pcsos have not lost weight if they patrol as they should.
Another answer would be do nothing, let the police service get even worse than it already is.The government can then find the money when an election is due.The problem is very like the nhs, you can pump loads of money into it but if the top brass policies are not to engage the real problems then the service will not be respected.The police reputation is now very tarnished with corruption and incompetence all over the national news , the massaging of figures to make them look good, public being killed etc, if the police became non arrogant and genuine and honest in all things then the service would improve.
If low level crime was not ignored and stamped on at the first instance then maybe it would not progress into bigger crime.
The message off mr Fahey to criminals was leave no forensics and we will not investigate.
Sod that, the message should be we will nail you for any crime !
Get rid of criminals , act when telephoned, and then the job requires less resources as it is actually being done.

Michael Speakman

I support a freeze as council tax is my third biggest expense after my mortgage and food.

Get them to concentrate on spending less time being political and more time out dealing with issues regardless of colour, race etc.


You have a difficult task especially with additional cuts to implement. All Police forces need to reappraise the way they do “business” by changing traditional practices and becoming even more efficient. Keep up the good work.


Crime is quite low in my area, much thanks goes to the PSCOs, please don’t make cuts in this department.

Bill Jones

Same comment as above, re PCSOs

Stephen Holt

1. The NBO although deals with issues is poor in responding to information submitted via email by local residents even to say thanks.
2. Some of the perks that members of the force command get is way over the top.
3. More to get the best from procurement

A. Walker

An extra 10p will be good value for money if it means officers will get better protection and in turn give the public more protection


I would freeze the police contribution, but have 2 other comments:

a) Andrew’s idea above, about preventative measures (educating, occupying & motivating youngsters) are crucial, yet this government is cutting budgets for these activities. This is bound to have a knock-on effect on these young people being drawn into criminal activity.Society is a system and every part affects every other part; we can’t just look at policing separately.

b) I do believe in accountability, so if someone damages property or in other ways incurs costs, (as part of criminal activity, not by accident!) the perpetrator should have to pay specifically for that damage. Eg. If someone breaks down your fence, they should be required to pay for the new fence & labour. If they intimidate you on the bus so that you’re forced to pay for a taxi, the bill for the taxi should go to the criminal.

My impression is that PCSOs are seen around my area and do a pretty good job.

Alan Matthews

All blue light services are now under pressure and I think that your survey is a great idea for people to have there say. As the cuts take effect we should have more of a say in the effects on services and what that will mean in local police numbers. Cuts are now showing in less police on the beat and less time to deal with local issues. Please remember that we need police.

Christine Dennis

The Police do a tremendous job and must be frustrated at the constant cost cutting inhibiting their ability to operate the service they themselves know is needed. The pubilc could do more to support their local force. Joining an active homewatch goes a long way to working in cooperation.It is no use moaning, the fact is we are, as a country, very short of money, we either pay up, help out, or get the force we deserve if we are not prepared to take some responsibility.

Jay L

I feel the cuts in the police budget is the ONLY reason for the lack of police on patrol, lack of enforcement and thus the rising crime rate, we need to get the police back on the street, the only way is to increase the budget, while I can ill afford the increase I would prefer that than someone breaking the law affecting myself and my family. this goes for crimes ranging from driving offenses, violent crime and Anti social behaviour. further the police needs to buy cars from either UK companies or compnays that build cars here in the UK. I understand the select few (pursuit cars etc) can be bought from overseas but the main fleet should be from UK owned or built here in the UK. it keeps the British economy going


I agree with John Taylor, that Police are the fall guys of the criminal justice system. Our west minister elite give billions away every year, and also let thousands of foreign criminals of every description IN. If empting prisons is not a place to start saving money crime will just continue like in my area. We have plenty of our own criminals.

David Paul Jarman

We need to support police services more through increased taxation. Increase council tax to the maximum level permissible without a referendum. We need to reverse the damaging effect of year on year zero increases. We need to reflect true crime figures and put recourses where most needed.

David Paul Jarman

We need to fund policing to a realistic level and reverse the trend of year on year zero increases. Put the precept up to maximum without needing referendum. Crime figures also need to reflect reality and then target resources to where needed. PCSO’s to a very valuable community role and should be supported.

Frank Adam

The most distracting and deliberately misleading or mud-raking aspect of the (mis)use of statistics in the public prints is that when it suits we are treated to apparently big numbers that are effectively small percentages. Conversely when it suits percentages are hyped but the total real numbers or the numbers in particular question are omitted. Both tricks are quite disingenuous and it is to be hoped that a PR policy will be taken up of using both sets of figures: real numbers with the percentages of totals in brackets following or percentages with the real integers in the brackets following. What Manchester does to day, the rest do tomorrow; and let us hope we are followed on this one to cut the panics and raise the levels of clarity.


If this government continue to cut the police force maybe you should refuse to set a budget until they stop, i am looking at reduced service but no reduced council tax, if I did not have gas I would not be paying fo it

B. Matthews

Without the Police both looking after us,and keeping Law and Order, I hate to think where we will end up.
We cannot afford to keep cutting and cutting any of the Uniform services.

R. Peebles

Why does GMP need any increase at all. Does anyone have any idea how many £60,000 Range Rovers they have. Need I say more.

john roberts

It now seems that every cut the government make is slowly but surely becoming the bills of the public.
These cuts were asked to be made by government, they were made through austerity measures. My council tax bill now has many added increments that are all being hiked up to make up shortfalls of the cuts.
The police budget figures clearly show the police require 5.8 million pounds more for their fat cat pension schemes, curiously this is same amount as being forced on the public who earn nothing like Mr Lloyd or his officers and certainly don’t get similar pensions. Why not make efficiency savings and stop just asking for more.
if I don’t have it I don’t spend it or borrow it or this case STEAL IT FROM THE PEOPLE THEY PRETEND TO PROTECT.


Thanks John, since 2010 GMP has had to make savings of £180m, and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has rated GMP as good when it comes to efficiency. You can read more details of that here:

A. F Farrell

We were asked whether we wanted a Gtr Manchester higher ruling elite i.e. a police commissioner etc. but we appear to be getting them despite us voting NO All this is going to cost us more .I say no to the police levy . Get ride of Mr Lloyd and his team of lunch eaters ,cut the administration and keep the real people we need the ones who do the work , not the lying self adoring heads of our local politicians and put their salaries back into the council tax budget . I will not be paying the £5.00 on my tax whilst tiny tony is there.

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