Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

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Paul Wright

The Commissioner would gain more favourable support across the community if he would refrain from making “political” comments and concentrated on his well paid job.

Leonard Lott

Some concern that reductions in police numbers are disrupting what was excellent policing cover in our area.

Ruth langley

I would like to see a greater focus upon partnership working and a more preventative focus

Josephine Bayley

As a resident of catterick ave in sale I am worried about safety for residents ,we have youths hanging around the back of shop and chippy also we have idiots driving in to shop ,and the supposed mechanics repair shop at the side ,there r a lot of children on this avenue I fear for there safety ,also this is the only ave with a shop ,chippy ,and so called garage on the ave ,and no surveillance cameras ,all the rest of the. Estate have 1 and I think catterick should have 1 too , dodgy dealings going on and not seen !!!!


Hi Josephine, have you raised this directly with the police? Your neighbourhood policing team will be Trafford South. Their contact details are 0161 856 7530 or you can email


i live in davyhulme on kingsway park and drivers , motorists moped and motor bike riders use it as a speed track
very dangerous


Hi Rupert, have you raised this with your neighbourhood policing team? I think you fall under Trafford North. Their contact number is 0161 856 7655 or email
Road safety is an important issue and irresponsible drivers should be dealt with correctly. It’s also important that the police and local authorities work together to make our roads safer.

Katy Robinson

more face to face consultation exercises with the public I understand there are budget cuts and savings have to be made but isolated and impoverished members of our communities may not be able to access internet and e mail or be computer literate so have no other way of communicating views these views are equally important.


Hi Katy, I think we’ve replied to you on another post too. You’re right, face to face is more effective and Tony has been out and about across Greater Manchester, visiting Home Watch and other community groups and speaking to people face to face about their crime and policing concerns. We do try to engage with local people in a variety ways and welcome any feedback on how we can do it better. Thanks

gordon cook

Just how deep are the cuts going to go – eh!

remember just what happened in this country several years back – riots all across the country that cost police officers there lifes.


Hi Gordon, Tony shares your concerns about the impact of these disproportionate cuts on the police’s ability to effectively fight crime and keep us safe. Plus with the axe also falling on other public services, the police are increasingly becoming the agency of first response and last resort. That’s why Tony continues to lobby government to think again and reverse the damage they are doing to our communities.

Martin Van der Zwan

Fly tipping and vehicle obstructions are causing us to loose business and customers are turning away from us due to not being able to visit because they cannot access our factory. I have taken this up with Graham Stringer with no success.


I live in Altrincham near broadheath, in the new estate near trafford college. I would say the policing effort in my area and Sale, the areas which I cover is poor simply because the police close down by 4pm in the afternoon. What sort of closing time is that!! when most crimes in our area are around night times. It basically means not many crimes can be stopped. Unfortrunately it is difficult for them to combat this as they have to deal with the disproportionate cuts and the axe to public services. I think Tony is really trying hard to combat this indeed


My original problem has started to have been combated with decently but with no significant effect so far, which I can understand. But I also wonder how far the cuts can actually go before it becomes unfeasible to work with

Paul Watkins

12 months ago I moved from a Company on Deeside Industrial estate and started working for a Company on Bredbury Industrial estate, in the time I have been here we have suffered a staggering 6 break-ins/ attempted break-ins, with damage being caused and items stolen on each occassion. I worked in Deeside Industrial estate for 6 years and there were no incidence of this nature. The main difference in the two places is undoubtedly the Police presence. I had regular contact with the police, as did all the businesses on the park, with regular flow of information to and from the Police. Despite all the security measures we have in place it is clear that the only deterant to these people would be an increased Police presence in the area

Phil Hackett

Given yesterday’s revelation that GMP only “actively” investigates 40% of crime across its region. Is it not time the Commissioner asked some probing questions as to this disgraceful figure?
Surely the Commissioner by his statement is not expecting the public to accept that the 60% of none investigated reported crime has no witnesses, evidence trail, etc is he?
Perhaps some openness, transparency and publication as to what the real figure is where the above does occur would be helpful to the public’s understanding on what at face value is a disgraceful figure and situation.

GMPCC web admin

Hi Phil, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I passed your comment on to Tony who asked me to send you this reply:

“What I wanted to make clear is I expect, as does the Chief Constable, that when serious crime is committed the police will spare no effort in investigating those crimes, and that they will keep up the pressure on the repeat offenders who cause the most misery in our communities. It’s not strictly accurate to say that 60% of crime will not be investigated. All reports made to the police will be looked into to see if there is any forensic evidence, witnesses, CCTV etc. But where there are no leads, police resources are more effectively used to police an area more intelligently, to stop a repeat of those crimes. I hope this gives you the confidence that the police will respond to all reports of crime. I’d also like to reiterate that crime in Greater Manchester is the lowest it’s been for more than ten years and as your Police and Crime Commissioner I will work with the police, local councils, other community safety agencies and – importantly – local people like you, to build the safest communities in Britain.”


The GMP need to restart the search for Keith Bennett.

Bryan Purvis

Why don’t you do soemthing about Manchester City Council levying unjust fines for parking.
The parking machines in Manchester will not accept coins of the realm but the City Council continues to levy fines on people who are willing to pay for their parking and have the correct denomination of coins but are prevent from doing so by the failure of the City Council to upgrade theri machines toaccept the new issue coins.
This is clearly unjust!

GMPCC web admin

Hi Bryan, sorry we can’t help as this is something you would need to raise directly with Manchester Council.

Fred Joy

PCCs are not good for the police or public as has been proved in Manchester. We have one person making the decisions, many of which are politically motivated. At least the previous body, The GMPA, was based on a panel making the decisions so was not as biased or subjective.

How much does the OPCC cost and what did GMPA cost? How many staff in total did/do both organisation employ?


Thanks for your comments Fred. Tony was directly elected by the people of Greater Manchester and represents everyone in the region, holding the police to account and working to bring together police, local councils, criminal justice system agencies, other partner agencies and local communities to help build safer neighbourhoods across our region.

Tony’s office costs are significantly less than that of the former police authority. Its budget was just under £3m. Since being elected, Tony has saved nearly £500,000 compared to the previous regime. Commissioners are allowed to have an office budget up to 1% of the entire police budget, but in Tony’s case he spends less than 0.5%.

All police staff (ie those who aren’t police officers) are currently employed by Tony, which is the same as under the old regime, so that amounts to several thousand people. However, if you mean his office staff, then he inherited the staff from the former police authority and employs the same number of people which is 44.

I hope this information is of help.

Fred Joy

Thanks for your response. The fact that a PCC is elected doesn’t mean it is effective.

I understand the police precept is again increasing council tax bills by the maximum amount despite the disapproval of the local councils, as I mentioned previously, one person makes the decisions ignoring the voice of many.

How much is the police budget and how, specifically, was the £500,000 saving achieved please?


Thanks for your further response. Tony is proposing to increase the police element of the council tax bill by £5 per year (ie less than 10 pence per week) and that additional funding will be used to support neighbourhood policing. The police budget is in the region of £560m. About three quarters of this comes from a central government grant, which has been significantly cut in recent years. Most of the rest comes from the police element of your council bill. Detailed information on the police budget is available here:$File/Chief%20Constable%20audited%20Statement%20of%20Accounts%202012-13.pdf

Far from local councils opposing Tony’s proposal, last week it was actually approved by Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime panel. This panel comprises all 10 local authority leaders in Greater Manchester as well as two independent members.

The £500,000 saving that Tony has delivered compared to the previous police authority regime has been through cutting waste and inefficiency, and ensuring that money is spent wisely and prudently. He is likely to deliver further savings to the running costs of his office.

Fred Joy

GMPA cost the taxpayer £3m pa and the OPCC costs 0.5% of the £560m police budget, according to your previous responses, therefore my calculations conclude that it costs the taxpayer an additional £2.6m pay when compared to the previous governing body? Where and when can I obtain minutes from last weeks panel meeting please, and what areas of waste and inefficiencies are you referring to?


I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. The former Police Authority cost £3m. Tony’s office costs around £500,000 LESS than the former police authority. We have saved £500k, not spent twice as much. The Police and Crime Panel minutes are available from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website as it is a separate body from us.

Fred Joy

I am sorry but I now rest my case, it seems the Staff of the PCC are attempting to mislead me, it appears that the figures you originally quoted indicated that the PCC cost the taxpayer more than the old police authority, now you claim otherwise. You are also being evasive about the specifics in relation to the asvings that you have claimed the PCC has achieved. May I say there is no place for politics in policing,


No-one is trying to mislead you Fred. We said from the outset that Tony’s office cost less than the previous regime. Unfortunately this wasn’t clear enough and you interpreted it the opposite way, so we made clear what we meant initially and apologised for confusion. I hope that this clarifies things further. The savings that we have so far achieved have been by each section of Tony’s team going through their spending to take out waste, duplication and inefficiency. We expect to generate more savings in the coming months and years.

Policing, since its inception, has had democratic oversight. This is a necessary measure in a democratic society as the police uphold the law, are subject to the law and cannot be a law unto themselves. The difference with a directly elected commissioner is that he (or she) is a much more visible symbol of that democratic governance when compared to the largely invisible regime commissioners replaced. As a directly elected politician, Tony is there to represent all the people of Greater Manchester. Of course, chief constables remain operationally independent. On your other comment on the minutes, I will again make clear that the Police and Crime Panel is a separate body to the Commissioner (as they are the oversight body for his activities). If those minutes are not there then you need to raise it with them. As the meeting was just a few days ago, it isn’t unreasonable that the minutes are not up there yet, but all of the supporting documents that were considered at the meeting are.

Fred Joy

Also I notice the minutes are do NOT appear to be available on the website?

Fred Joy

As you are only publishing biased comments, which I cannot support so asked you to remove all my comments, to which you have ignored, please advise as to who I can escalate my complaint to. Nb I have not agreed to you publishing my comments, but the PCC has selectively removed some of those that disagree with your views.


Thanks Fred. We publish all comments, unless they are in breach of the house rules which can be read here. We haven’t removed any of your comments, and certainly wouldn’t do so selectively because they are critical.

There was a glitch on our website last week so it may be that you posted something that didn’t get through to us, for which we apologise. If you would like to email with more details our head of communications will look into it. Once you’ve done that, we will remove the comments you have made on this thread. However, we would point out that that is because you have requested to have them taken off, not because they are critical of Tony.

Fred Joy

A computer glitch? . That is strange, because the website said that the comments were awaiting your approval prior to being published.

I respectfully remind you that I mentioned central government over ruled the PCCs intention to increase the police precept by £5, after council leaders challenged him, despite you stating the council leaders supportied the increase.


You’re incorrect Fred. The Greater Manchester Police and Crime Panel, which comprises all 10 local authority leaders and two independent members, approved Tony’s precept proposal at the meeting on 31 January.

On the point of what the precept can be, Central government infighting delayed the announcement on what the precept level could be before triggering a local referendum until five days after Tony had to legally present a precept proposal. This affected ALL Police and Crime Commissioners, not just Tony.

Last week our website crashed and had to be reset. It was restored to a prior version, in the same way you can with a regular computer, but there was some content lost. As said on a previous comment, you are welcome to email and it can be looked into further. However, the idea that we are somehow censoring you is a strange claim to make, given the volume, tone and content of your posts.

Fred Joy

Ok I’m incorrect, so too then is central government.

It’s interesting how you state that I claimed to being ‘censored’ – for the benefit of others, where did I do this?

What I don’t agree with if how you have been evasive to my questions, some of which you have still failed to answer in an honest and direct manner. All in all you have reaffirmed my beliefs that PCCs are not beneficial to the citizens to whom they serve.

No further replies are required, I will attend the next open session that the PCC holds in my locality and will seek the necessary responses in a public forum. Thank you.




thank you for your comments. Tony has no statutory powers to investigate complaints against police, with the exception of the Chief Constable. The police complaints system is regulated by the Home Office and how it operates is out of Tony’s control. In saying that, Tony has significant concerns about the way in which the complaints system works which is why, over the past number of months, he has been working with GMP to look to see if there are improvements which can be made locally. This will involve the creation of an independent complaints ombudsman in Greater Manchester. This is a complex project, but we anticipate that the ombudsman will be in place within the next couple of months, so watch this space. Here’s some more information from last year when we started the process:

Chris Daly

Policing is a 24/7 vital activity. Why therefore do a large percentage of the force, police and support finish on Friday at 5pm and return on Monday at 9am, then having to catch up with 60 hours worth of crime etc?
We must continue to target crimes that affect the public either directly or indirectly and continue to assess and evaluate success, never being afraid to dismantle an under performing department.
When allowing officers of any rank to go live on television or radio, train them better and understand the adverse effect a poor performance can give. A lot of the public are unforgiving.

Fred Joy

How much did the design, implementation and all associated costs of the new PCC logo amount to and why has it changed, as the original logo was only introduced less then two years ago? What is the rationale to the new logo?


Hi Joy. The original logo was designed before Tony was elected so was quite generic. The new logo – which didn’t cost anything as it was done in house – includes his name so is more relevant and personal.

Fred Joy

The logo should be generic, if and when a new PCC is elected it will automatically incur costs to the PUBLIC PURSE to redesign the logo. This new logo gives the impression it is the office of Tony Lloyd, not the office of the PCC. The public should have been consulted on this matter prior to it’s imposed introduction.

So designing in house doesn’t cost anything does it not?!!! It seems to me that the Office for GMPCC is out of touch with the public and the true costs of providing a service.

Since asking my original question I notice that the Shadow Home Secretary is questioning the benefit of PCCs and is planning to scrap them. I wholeheartedly agree with her, and in my opinion your response is further evidence of how inefficient PCCs are. Thank you. Mr Joy

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