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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.


Your council tax

Find out how much of your council tax is spent on policing. It’s our responsibility to agree (in consultation with Greater Manchester’s 10 local authorities) how much of your council tax should be spent on policing services in order to deliver value for money. 

Annual audit letters

These reports are usually expected around September-October each year. They summarise the findings of the audit commission with regards to our financial statements and the arrangements we’ve made to make sure we deliver value for money in our use of resources.

Budget reports

The budget report is one of the most important documents that the Police and Crime Commissioner has to consider during the course of the year. We review our current plans and achievements in financial terms and set out our aspirations for the coming year, taking into account the likely resources available, key identified priorities, and the impact on the policing plan. 

Previous budget reports:


This framework has been developed to provide a structured and transparent approach to the commissioning of interventions, innovation, projects and services.

Statement of accounts

Our statement of accounts tell you how we’ve spent our money during the financial year. These are looked over by an auditor to make sure that we’ve secured economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of our resources. As a local resident you have legal rights to inspect, ask questions and challenge items in these accounts.

Older statements of accounts

Summary of accounts

The full statement of accounts is very detailed and technical. The summary of accounts are designed to be simpler and easier to understand. These summary documents are not subject to a formal audit.

Annual investment strategy

The annual investment strategy outlines the minimum revenue provision for the financial year, along with prudential indicators and the treasury management policy and strategy. 

Older investment strategy documents

National Fraud Initiative

Land and premises – asset register

The document below gives you details of the land and premises owned by the Police and Crime Commissioner or Greater Manchester Police, as well as land and premises we have an interest in.