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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Your council tax contribution

The policing precept is the amount you contribute to local policing through your council tax bill.

For 2017-18, the Police and Crime Commissioner has increased the police portion of your council tax bill by £5 per year for a Band D property – equivalent to an extra 10p a week. For a Band A property, the increase will be an extra £3.33 per year, equivalent to 6p a week.

This precept increase will raise £3.6m – an amount equivalent to the average cost of 70 police officers. 

The proposed rise comes after the government failed, despite their promises, to protect local policing budgets, leaving Greater Manchester Police needing to find savings of £14m this year. This is on top of £180m and 2,000 officers axed since 2010 as a result of government-imposed cuts.

Tony Lloyd said:

“The Government’s continued failure to safeguard police funding has left me with no choice but to increase the policing element of the council tax by an average of £5 a year. I do this reluctantly as I understand the financial pressures local families are facing, and both I and the Chief Constable are committed to investing this money in the frontline and keeping as many officers as possible on our streets.”


How the money is spent 17-18


Where the money comes from 17-18



How much will you pay?

The amount of council tax you will pay to fund Greater Manchester Police depends on the rateable value of your property – known as your tax band.

Council tax precept bands 17-18

Income and expenditure – a comparison

The 2017/18 Precept is £117,374,873. A comparision of expenditure and income for 2016/17 and 2017/18 is as follows:

  Original Budget Original Budget Variance
2016-17 2017-18  
  £m £m £m
Employee Related  500.90 499.34 (1.56)
Pensions 102.70 120.69 18.00
Premises Related 31.01 31.06 0.05
Supplies & Services 54.97 56.08 1.11
Agency Payments 25.02 24.00 (1.03)
Transport Related 6.50 6.17 (0.33)
Capital Financing 12.81 21.02 8.20
Gross Expenditure 733.90 758.35 24.45
Transfer to/from Reserves (2.80) (6.50) (3.70)
Specific Grants (149.92) (167.80) (17.88)
Income and sponsorship (34.04) (35.85) (1.81)
Financing Requirement 547.14 548.20 1.06
Police grant (226.62) (223.46) 3.16
Formula funding (181.40) (178.84) 2.56
Legacy Council Tax Grants (25.70) (25.71) (0.01)
Collection Fund balance (2.42) (2.80) (0.39)
Precept (Council Tax Requirement) 111.00 117.38 6.38

Change in council tax requirement

2016/17 Requirement 111.00
2017/18 Requirement 117.38
Increase in Council Tax Requirement 6.38

Why council tax requirement has increased

Cost of Additional Recruitment 2.68
Apprentice Levy 1.86
Changes to staffing including Terms & Conditions -5.53
IT projects and related costs 5.50
Increase in Prudential borrowing Costs 4.49
Other including one off items -1.42
Changes to PCSO levels -1.48
Reduction in cost of supplies and services -1.21
Contribution to Capital Projects 3.79
Insurance Related Savings -2.30

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