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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

‘Hard-hitting’ discrimination report welcomed

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has welcomed the findings of an Independent Police Complaints Commission report which criticises GMP’s handling of discrimination complaints.

Speaking as the report was published, Tony said: “This is a hard-hitting report, but I welcome it because it is vital that there’s confidence in the process. I’ve been concerned about this since before I was elected Police and Crime Commissioner and it has been a priority for me to make real changes.

“For that reason, I am, with the Chief Constable, bringing in a new Independent Complaints Ombudsman to provide effective oversight of the complaint process in Greater Manchester, and to steer GMP through a fundamental period of change in the way the service deals with such complaints. This will be the first position of its type in the country and I think demonstrates just how seriously we take this issue.

Listen to Tony talk about the report:


“In addition, we have also set up a new independent Ethics Committee – also the first of its type in the country – that will play an important role in ensuring that GMP doesn’t just say the right thing, but does it.

“I am also lobbying for an overhaul of national legislation to help make the complaints process fit for purpose.

“Evidently there is still a lot of work to do. What is needed isn’t just a ‘step-change’. The public require, and deserve, a complete overhaul of the complaint process, in order to create a more accountable police service. This will benefit individual complainants, the communities of Greater Manchester and police officers themselves.”

The report, published today, Thursday 5 June, found ‘significant failings’ in the way three large metropolitan police services handled complaints. As part of an analysis of 170 complaints across the three police services alleging discrimination, only 94 were investigated and of those no allegations were upheld.

The report also identified ‘insufficient’ training in diversity, and stated its belief that this had been a significant factor in the mishandling of complaints

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