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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Deputy Commissioner gets on his bike to promote road safety

bike week

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is working hard to promote safety on the roads for everyone, says Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle.

Jim was talking as he met with PCSOs from across Greater Manchester and members of Greater Manchester Police’s specialist Traffic Unit, who use their bikes on a day-to-day basis as a way of improving road safety and reflecting different road users across the region.

It was part of National Bike Week, an initiative designed to encourage people to use their bikes more which ran between June 14 and 22, to highlight the potential dangers of behaving irresponsibly on the roads, and raise awareness for all road users on how to share the road safely.

Throughout Bike Week week, GMP held a range of local events aimed at improving road safety awareness, including road safety demonstrations in Bolton and Wigan and working closely with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to emphasise the dangers of irresponsible driving, particularly among young people.

After meeting with PCSOs from across Greater Manchester who are using their bikes, Jim said:

“I’m making a renewed commitment on National Bike Week to ensure that GMP better reflects the community, and this means increasing the use of bikes by officers and PCSOs across Greater Manchester. Having talked to local officers, it’s also clear that the use of bikes allows neighbourhood officers to interact more closely with members of our local communities.

“Road safety is vital all year round, and is a priority for GMP. The police service is working harder than ever to ensure equal safety for all road users. Everyone from cyclists, car owners, Heavy Goods Vehicles drivers and all those on public transport have an obligation to share the road safely and responsibly.

 “The message is clear, everyone in Greater Manchester has the right to feel safe when using our roads. This means all road users behaving in a considerate manner, abiding by the law and taking time at busy roads and junctions regardless of the mode of transport.”

More details on road safety are available to view on the DriveSafe website, Greater Manchester’s road safety partnership http://www.drivesafe.org.uk/index.php/home/publicity-resources

Watch Greater Manchester Police’s 60 second security film on how to keep your bike safe: 

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