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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Don’t ditch European Arrest Warrants, Commissioner urges MPs

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner is urging Parliament not to ditch European Arrest Warrants. 

Tony Lloyd was speaking after Eurosceptic MPs threatened they would vote to get rid of the powerful tool when the measure goes before the Commons on Monday. 

European Arrest Warrants have been used successfully for years to snare British criminals abroad – as well as getting European thugs out of the UK. 

Tony said: “Getting rid of European Arrest Warrants would make Britain a haven for Europe’s worst criminals and make it much more difficult for police to do their job. 

“This isn’t an argument about the rights or wrongs of the European Union – it’s about securing our borders and keeping the British public safe. 

“The police say they need European Arrest Warrants – MPs need to listen to them and make sure we keep this powerful tool.” 

Currently there are 24 people in Greater Manchester who are about to be deported under the scheme. If parliament votes to opt out of the European Arrest Warrant, these dangerous criminals could remain here. 

Similarly, GMP has successfully used European Arrest Warrants to get criminals who have fled the UK back into the country. For example, a man is currently awaiting extradition back to the UK from France because of a European Arrest Warrant. He fled after being arrested for possessing indecent images man who was arrested for possessing indecent images in Trafford. His bank details were tracked and he was found to be using hotels in France and he will be extradited back to the UK because police applied for the European Arrest Warrant. 

Another recent example was of a gangster who fled to Spain after a court appearance in relation to a string of armed robberies. He was arrested in Spain for an unrelated matter, but because there was a European Arrest issued for his arrest, Spanish police knew he was wanted in Greater Manchester and he was deported back. 

Tony has written to all of Greater Manchester’s MPs to ask them to support European Arrest Warrants when the issue is debated in the Commons.

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