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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

‘Everyone has the right to live without fear’

victim of domestic violence

‘Everyone has the right to live without fear’ says Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has been responding to new information from the Director of Public Prosecutions that conviction rates for domestic violence have increased markedly. Throughout 2013-14, over 74 percent of those prosecuted for domestic violence were successfully convicted across the country. At close to nearly 60,000 defendants, this represents the highest ever conviction rate for perpetrators of domestic violence.

 Tony has been quick to welcome the increase in convictions, and has praised the bravery of all those women, men and children who have come forward to the police about this abhorrent crime. Greater Manchester recorded a successful conviction rate 6 percent higher than that of the national average, and Tony hopes this momentum will encourage more victims to come forward to the police and seek help. 

Tony said:

“Since I was elected in 2012, I have made tackling domestic violence one of Greater Manchester Police’s greatest priorities. I have repeatedly encouraged victims of domestic violence, regardless of their age or gender, to come forward to the police and not to suffer in silence. 

“The record number of convictions across the country shows that this message is being received, albeit far too slowly. In Greater Manchester, we have now achieved a conviction rate 6percent higher than the national average for allegations of domestic violence. This is a great statement for all victims of this emotionally and physically destructive crime in our local communities, and I hope it gives other victims the confidence to come forward to get the help and support they need. Everyone has the right to a happy, fulfilled life and nobody should suffer in silence”. Tony Lloyd

Tony has also announced a call to evidence in relation to domestic violence to ensure the police continue to learn exactly what support is being made available for victims, what more can be done to help those in need and how the communication between police, the Crown Prosecution Service and victims can be improved. 

In his role as Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony has requested regular updates from Greater Manchester Police on their progress in these issues and in respect of their domestic violence strategy. Training is already being delivered on a weekly basis to response officers across the police service and they are working closely with members of Women’s Aid to ensure the training delivers tangible results for victims. 

He added:

“Sadly, we’re still here talking about domestic violence. While there are still victims, improvements must continue to be made in how we tackle the problem of domestic abuse, and these conversations have to be held in full view of the public. Together with Greater Manchester Police, Women’s Aid and a range of support services such as Victim Support, we are determined to ensure that domestic violence no longer exists across Greater Manchester.  

“The increase in convictions shows that Greater Manchester Police are gathering and presenting evidence to the courts more effectively than ever before, and perpetrators are being punished appropriately. We have to continue to learn exactly what support victims need, and maintain dialogue with those who are most aware of the dangers associated with a crime that costs lives. 

“By improving our capacity to intervene as early as possible, and presenting evidence effectively to the Crown Prosecution Service, we are making sure perpetrators of domestic violence get the message. Everyone in Greater Manchester has the right to live without fear.”Tony Lloyd

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