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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Greater Manchester PCC celebrates Living Wage

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The Police and Crime Commissioner’s office in Greater Manchester has become a Living Wage employer.

Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd celebrated the milestone as Greater Manchester became the first city region outside London to have more than 100 employers paying the Living Wage.

Tony said: “I’m really proud that my PCC office has been accredited as a Living Wage employer, joining the growing list of local employers who are committed to a thriving, aspirational Greater Manchester. 

“I have always believed that everyone should earn a decent wage for a decent day’s work. It instils a sense of pride within our communities, and shows that employers value the people that work for them – as I do my own staff. The Living Wage is essential to help people live their lives and support themselves and their families, especially in a time of rising living costs and cuts to public services. 

“Once again Greater Manchester is leading the way in investing in our workforce, encouraging more people into work to contribute to the local economy and creating strong, resilient communities. I encourage more employers to follow suit.

Tony is working closely with the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign to support the work they’re doing to encourage businesses to become Living Wage employers.

“I’m proud to work with Tom Skinner and the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign on a number of projects to ensure local businesses understand the benefits of paying the Living Wage, both for them and their staff,” adds Tony.

“I want to encourage private companies and others in the public sector to take this important step towards better paid jobs for local people.”

Tony is joining other Living Wage employers and campaigners at an event in Manchester to celebrate the region having 103 Living Wage employers.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay (£8.25) based on the real cost of living. It is different to the government’s so-called ‘national living wage’, which is a legal basic minimum wage rate of £7.20 per hour, based on median income and not the cost of living.

Find out more at www.livingwage.org.uk.



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