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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Interim chief executive appointed

One of Greater Manchester’s most experienced public servants has been appointed interim chief executive for the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Manchester City Council’s former Deputy Chief Executive Steve Mycio will work with Tony Lloyd in the coming months as Tony prepares to reshape his office to deliver savings and enhance the service it provides to the people of Greater Manchester. 

Tony said: “I’m grateful to Steve for accepting this position and look forward to working with him in the coming months. As a dedicated public servant of many years standing, he brings an exceptional level of experience and expertise. He also has an intimate knowledge of policing and the community safety agenda having chaired Manchester’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership for a decade. I can think of few people who are better placed to reshape my office to ensure we realise our shared ambition to build safer neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, my priorities are very different to those of the former police authority, but I inherited its structures when I was elected. Steve will be looking at several pieces of work while he is here, covering a range of issues in my office including systems, roles and structures.

“This is important work to ensure that the office is equipped to carry out its functions effectively, while delivering the best possible value for money for the people of Greater Manchester.

“Since being elected, I have generated savings in the office of nearly £500,000 when compared to the former police authority, but it is clear that systemic change is necessary to deliver further savings and refocus the work my staff do.” Tony Lloyd

Steve added: “I’m looking to working with Tony as I have always had a passion for the crime and disorder reduction agenda. For 20 years as Director of Housing in Manchester the challenges that people face in our communities were regularly brought home to me. Issues like anti-social behaviour and petty crime really do undermine the quality of people’s lives across our region and I’m excited to have the opportunity to make a difference. 

“I have spent all my professional life serving the public of Greater Manchester and understand the need to ensure that in these difficult times all public bodies deliver the best possible value for money while providing the best possible service. 

“It will be my job to work with Tony and his staff to ensure his office is as efficient and effective as possible so we can deliver on his priorities for the people of Greater Manchester.” 

Steve will be temporarily filling the vacancy left following the retirement of Russell Bernstein. He will work part time at Tony’s office three days a week, for an initial period of four months. He will be paid at the same rate of the former chief executive, on a pro-rata basis. As part of his work programme, Steve will be reviewing different models for the chief officer role to assess what Tony’s requirements will be for senior officer support going forward. 

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