Statement from Tony Lloyd following IPCC announcement

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Tony Lloyd

Statement from Tony Lloyd following today’s IPCC announcement concerning Greater Manchester Police.

“It is clear that these are serious allegations which must be investigated thoroughly by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) as the appropriate independent investigatory body.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, I do not have statutory investigatory power – that power must lie with the IPCC. I would stress that the IPCC is only at the beginning of its investigation into these allegations.

“It is my role to consider what action, if any, should be taken with regard to the Chief Constable during the course of the investigation. I have taken independent legal advice from a senior QC with expertise in this area. Nothing has been placed before me at this time by the IPCC which would make me consider the position of the Chief Constable.

“I have asked the IPCC to update me regularly on the progress of the investigation and I will keep this decision under review.

“I understand that this investigation will cause uncertainty and will be of concern to the people of Greater Manchester. That is why the IPCC must conduct its investigation both thoroughly and speedily.”

Tony Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner

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Manuchehr and Pamela Sanadjian

As a senior officer and the head of a large police force the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester plays two distinct roles for both of which he is accountable. These roles, however, should not be allowed to collapse into each other through the call for his suspension in the name of accountability. As a police officer the Chief Constable should be held to account for acting with integrity, impartiality and diligence. A suspected shortcoming in these areas, if there was one, would have justified the call for him to step aside whilst his conduct was investigated. But if the Chief Constable is investigated for his role in an organisational failure that does not necessarily stop him to continue to serve the public. Various public organisations are often investigated for their suspected shortcoming in serving the public. That does not usually lead to the suspension of those leading these organisations. Our public servants would not have been fairly treated if the difference in the roles they play are not distinguished. It is a credit to Mr Lloyd who has acted mindful of the separate roles of the Chief Constable.

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