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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Tony Lloyd appoints Committee to oversee finances

Membership of two bodies that will advise the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner on employment issues and also oversee financial reporting processes have been confirmed.

Six people have been temporarily appointed to the Audit and Accounts Committee, and the Human Resources Governance Panel.

The Audit and Accounts Committee will independently scrutinise the Commissioner’s and GMP’s finances and monitor the arrangements for managing risks.

The Human Resources Governance Panel will advise the Commissioner on employment and appeals issues.

Appointments for both the committee and panel are for six months and an open recruitment process will take place during this time to allow places to be filled on a permanent basis based on Nolan Principles*.

Former Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Authority, Cllr Paul Murphy, has been invited to Chair both groups.

Other members include Tony Bannister, Christine Berry, Val Burgoyne, Clive Portman and Rabbi Simon Grant.

Tony said: “These two committees provide an important public protection function and for that reason I am bringing them into existence with immediate effect. In the next few weeks I will set up an appointments process so we can recruit people on an open, transparent, long-term basis.

“The former Chairman of the police authority, Cllr Paul Murphy, has been invited to chair both groups because he has experience in human resources and finance and is best-suited to the role.”

Cllr Paul Murphy said: “I’m happy to be able to provide support to the Police and Crime Commissioner and to use my experience positively.”

Every Police and Crime Commissioner is required to establish an Audit and Accounts Committee.

The Human Resources Governance Panel is temporarily required until the transfer of police staff to the employment of the Chief Constable takes place.

Members of the committee and panel will be compensated based on the scales set by the Home Office for members of Police Misconduct Panels.

*Nolan Principles are the basis for the appointment of individuals to public office in a way that is transparent and opens vacancies to a wider cross-section of competent people.

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