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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Tony Lloyd welcomes Select Committee report

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Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has welcomed the Home Affairs Select Committee report into the role of commissioners.

The report highlights the vital work police and crime commissioners are doing across the country, emphasising their value in partnership working, raising the standards of good practice within policing and driving through changes to ensure policing focuses on the ‘delivery of service’.

But it also issues a challenge to commissioners that their role is still under probation and more work needs to be done to ensure they are effectively holding the police to account.

The Committee has stressed that the report should be regarded as a ‘progress report’ rather than a definitive assessment of the success of the police and crime commissioner project. The committee said the 2016 PCC elections will be a critical test for commissioners, given the woeful turnout of the 2012 election.

The committee praised Tony’s work at building partnerships and innovative work he has commissioned, including improving the service provided to people with mental health issues and new select committee-style hearings into matters of significant public interest.

“I welcome this important report into the role of Police and Crime Commissioners. I’m pleased to see the committee highlighting good work being carried out here in Greater Manchester and across the country.  

“I also welcome the challenges issued by this report. I, along with my Police and Crime Commissioner colleagues, have been given a great deal of power and it is important that the right checks and balances are in place to ensure that we are properly representing the public. The Home Affairs Select Committee has an important role to play in holding commissioners to account, something the public expects and deserves.

“Their scrutiny in turn helps strengthen Police and Crime Commissioners as we hold chief constables to account.” Tony Lloyd

The report is available on the Home Affairs Committee website.

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