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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Two years on – Tony Lloyd criticises Government’s response to the riots

Policeman in riot gear with flames behind him

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner has slammed the Government’s lack of action following the review into the riots two years ago.

Tony Lloyd’s comments echo those of MP David Lammy, who has accused ministers of trying to bury their response to the report published by the panel set up to explore the causes of the 2011 riots.

The Government’s response to the report by the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel was quietly published last month, just before parliament broke up for summer recess, resulting in almost no media coverage. One member of the panel, which spent six months visiting cities affected by the riots, didn’t even know the response had been published.

“I completely share David Lammy’s concerns that the Government have tried to not only bury their response to this report, but have also failed to act on many of the recommendations.” said Tony. “As Police and Crime Commissioner and former MP for central Manchester, an area badly hit by the riots, this is completely unacceptable and is an insult to the people of Manchester and Salford who suffered at the hands of mindless thugs two summers ago.”

More than 200 people were prosecuted following the riots in Manchester and Salford, which damaged hundreds of businesses and cost almost £4m to police and investigate.

“When the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel was set up, Nick Clegg said it was an opportunity for victims to be heard,” adds Tony. “But what is the point of the panel spending six months visiting cities affected by the riots, if the Government then fails to act on the recommendations.

“The Government cannot ignore the recommendations in the report. By doing so they are showing contempt for the communities who were left to pick up the pieces. Greater Manchester showed great community spirit in the aftermath of the riots – at the very least they deserve to be listened to and be given the confidence that the events of 2011 are not allowed to happen again.”

Photograph courtesy of Manchester Evening News

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