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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Views sought from cyclists


Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner is calling on cyclists who have been involved in a collision to share their experiences.

 Tony Lloyd has launched a cycling survey as part of work taking place to improve safety on the roads. 

The survey will run for two weeks throughout April and is designed to see if there are any areas for improvement in the service that cyclists receive from the police. 

Tony is determined to ensure that all road users behave responsibly and share the road in a considerate manner: an essential part of this is learning exactly what expectations and needs different users have. 

Tony said:

“I want to know more about the experiences of road users from across Greater Manchester. In particular, I want to understand more about the needs and expectations of cyclists in the region who have been involved in a collision, and get a snapshot of the service provided to them by the police. 

“Their feedback will is invaluable as we seek to improve safety on our roads for everyone.” Tony Lloyd 

Staff in Tony’s office have been working with charity Sustrans (which encourages people to travel more by foot, bike or public transport), other organisations, and Greater Manchester Police to refresh the service’s road safety strategy. 

Eleanor Roaf – Regional Director for Sustrans – added“It is very important that when there has been an accident involving a cyclist, even if the person isn’t injured, that it is reported to the police, and that it is taken seriously. We need drivers to be more aware of cyclists, and to make sure that they give them enough space, especially at junctions.  Many people say that they would like to cycle but fear of traffic puts them off.   Drivers can help reduce this fear by driving considerately, and the police can also help enforce this.”

Image credit: Dave Haygarth. Reproduced under Creative Commons Licence.

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