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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

We have to work together to build safer cities, says report

Effective partnership working between police, council and partner agencies is the key to ensuring our cities centres are safe and burgeoning, says a report by Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner. 

The report – City View: Managing and Policing our City Centres – highlights work being done across the country to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and make our cities safe and secure for residents, workers and visitors.    

It brings together the results of a review of Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow, which began before Tony came into office, and aims to help community safety partnerships, local authorities, city management companies, police forces, health providers and other partner agencies in tackling issues such as shoplifting, alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour. 

The report examines the key problems and issues for city centres across the country and highlights good practice. 

It also identifies key themes across the range of cities within the study. Where effective partnership working was in place in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, the review found community safety to be much better. Likewise, particular emphasis was placed upon the targeting of licensed premises, working closely with the pubs and clubs networks, and applying a flexible approach to the allocation of police resources at a time of cuts to regional policing budgets. 

Tony said: “This review highlights the challenges currently faced by police across the country. Cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham have burgeoning night time economies, and with this comes very specific challenges for the local police, not least the issues associated with alcohol-fuelled disorder. 

“There is substantial work being done to ensure visitors to all of our major cities at night time feel safe, and, as the review highlights, there are numerous examples of good working relationships between local police and councils.” 

With the extension of late-night licences to 6am and more premises serving alcohol than ever before, alcohol related violence and anti-social behaviour  is an increasing challenge for police services across the UK. 

Operation Custodian, the police response to the night-time economy in Manchester, is praised in the report. The ‘feeling of safety’ to the city, the impressive allocation of resources between council and police and the ongoing partnership working between police, council, licensees and other partner agencies were all highlighted, along with the use of CCTV, regulation and safety of takeaways and collaboration with supermarkets across the city to target shoplifting.

Tony added: “We know that local police still have a lot of work to do to continue to improve city centre safety. The police have taken pro-active measures to ensure that where problems do still exist, they will be addressed by a collaborative approach. That Manchester has been highlighted for it’s positive approach to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour shows that we are heading in the right direction. By facing up to the challenge and continuing to improve dialogue between councils, police and other organisations such as Pub Watch, we can continue to improve city centre safety and make sure the vibrant night-life can be enjoyed by everyone.” 

View the report here.


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