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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Performance, research, and reviews


The police and crime commissioner will set the policing priorities and hold Greater Manchester Police to account through the chief constable.  Working together with partners, the commissioner will make sure that the police respond to public concerns.

A key role of the commissioner is to regularly meet with the chief constable and senior officers to examine performance against the measures and targets set out in the police and crime plan.  The commissioner must also look at other aspects of police performance, for example in relation to how the force deals with complaints, and meets its legal duties relating to equality, diversity and human rights. 

Another element of the commissioner’s role involves reviewing how Greater Manchester Police is ensuring that the force can meet the Strategic Policing Requirement which covers such issues as cyber-crime, terrorism and organised criminality.

Our Performance, Research and Reviews team develops and maintains products for the commissioner to monitor and challenge performance in relation to the delivery of the police and crime plan, key areas of force business and other relevant community safety activities.

Research and reviews

 The police and crime commissioner needs to maintain a current and detailed knowledge of national, regional and local policy in relation to police and crime issues and consider wider factors that may influence policing, community safety and criminal justice.

Our Performance, Research and Reviews team carries out research and review projects looking at relevant topics and issues that are identified by the commissioner, informed through public views, environmental scanning and performance analysis.

 Such projects and pieces of work can take different forms and involve different methods to capture relevant information, however all lead to recommendations about how issues may be usefully addressed or services improved.

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