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Greater Manchester no longer has a Police and Crime Commissioner. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has now taken responsibility for policing and crime.

Young people’s hate crime conference
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We’ll be covering the event live on the Hate Crime Live page and using #yphcc on Twitter.

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Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, has prioritised the need to address the issue of hate crime in our communities as he is aware of the devastating impact it can have on victims. Raising awareness of hate crime amongst young people will contribute towards changing society’s attitudes towards differences and hopefully reduce the instances of this destructive crime.

This event will run for a full school day and will offer the opportunity for young people to participate in four workshops throughout the day addressing hate crime in relation to race, disability, sexual orientation and alternative sub-cultures. 

The workshops will each last for 50 minutes and will be interactive, including drama, games and discussions. The aim of each workshop will be to raise awareness of specific types of hate crime, the impact it can have on victims, and how young people can go about reporting hate crime. 

There will also be stalls hosted by various organisations providing additional information to young people about various aspects of hate crime. Guest speakers will address the participants at the beginning and end of the day and there will be an hour’s break for lunch which will be provided. 

The learning outcomes from the conference meet the National Curriculum targets in Citizenship and Religious Education at Key Stage 3 in terms of understanding and respecting diversity amongst communities and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

If you are interested in any of your pupils taking part in this event, please complete and return the online booking form.

The event has been produced with support from Manchester’s Crime and Disorder Team and the ‘1Team’ project.

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Each workshop lasts 50 minutes.

Workshop 1 – Disability

This is an interactive workshop aimed at tackling issues of disability hate crime. The issues will be highlighted from a real life perspective, delivered using drama by people with learning disabilities who will share their own stories. There will be a particular focus on hate crime on public transport. The workshop will be facilitated by Tameside People First. 

Workshop 2 – Race

This interactive workshop is aimed at tackling issues of race hate crime, focusing specifically on the experiences of Eastern European migrants. The issues will be highlighted through the use of case studies delivered through drama and discussion. The workshop will be facilitated by Odd Theatre Company. 

Workshop 3 – Sexual orientation

This interactive workshop will address hate crime in relation to lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people. It will use drama and discussion to look at the real life experiences of LGB young people who have experienced homophobic bullying. The workshop will be facilitated by Hope Theatre Company. 

Workshop 4 – Alternative sub-cultures

This interactive workshop is aimed at addressing hate crime committed against young people who identify with alternative sub-cultures. The focus will be on creating respect for and understanding of sub-cultures in our communities via a table top game and discussions. The workshop will be facilitated by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. 

Travel information

Please note, the venue is the NEW Irish Centre building, further along Queens Road from the old Irish Centre, which is is now closed. 

By car:

  • For satnav, please use M8 0RY which directs you to the Metrolink building next to the Irish World Heritage Centre. 
  • Free parking is available at the venue.

Public transport: 

  • The number 135 bus runs at 10-minute intervals from Manchester City Centre. It stops at the junction of Queens Road and Cheetham Hill Road which is a 10-minute walk from the venue. 
  • The Metrolink runs every few minutes from Victoria Metrolink Station in Manchester City Centre. It stops at Queens Road Metrolink Station which is next to the venue.

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